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Incredible Steam and Serve Silicone Flex Dish Bowl




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EASY VEGETABLE STEAMER : Most vegetables cook in under 3 minutes in the microwave with only a tablespoon of added water. Add butter herbs and spices before you cook for a tasty dish you can serve right from the pod.

EASY OMELET MAKER : Steam chopped vegetables in the pod add your eggs and cheese stir then microwave for 1-2 minutes for a fast breakfast on the go.

EASY ROASTER : Use instead of foil or parchment paper to roast chicken or meat and vegetables in the oven. Pod cooking produces a moist and flavorful result. Open the pod towards the end to brown.

EASY POACHER : Place fish in the pod with a few tablespoons of broth juice or wine and bake or microwave until done. Remove the fish and thicken the juices right in the pod for a flavorful sauce.

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