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Smart Lego Kids Tidy Toy Mat Carpet Playmat and Storage Basket




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This super smart lego playmat and storage basket will literally change the way you treat your kids forever. Clean up all your kids toys and lego in seconds with the super smart 2-in-1 Tidy Toy Mat Storage Bag.

It's portable toy and lego playing mat for the carpet and floor that keeps the lego in one place, serves as a playmat and turns into a nice looking storage bag to keep in the bedroom or living room.

Why you need this!

  • Stay sane when your kids start playing with lego or duplo.
  • No more stepping on loose pieces scattered all over the floor.
  • Keep the house in order and the toys stored away in style.
  • The Tidy Toy Mat Doubles as a kids play-mat, and cool stylish storage solution.
  • It's also useful as a washing basket, beach bag, or overnight tog bag.

Other specs:

  • Soft and durable, washable cotton canvas.
  • Includes easy tighten drawstring for preventing mess.
  • Very nice polka dot design patterns.
  • Includes small zip for storing extra small pieces.
  • Super light and very portable.
  • Size is 140cm Diameter.

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