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Strawberry Corer




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Strawberry Corer Enjoy ripe and ready-to-eat strawberries without carving out stems by hand. Push the top button on Stem Gem to open the claw, insert, twist and pull. Four-pronged claw grabs the stem and the core to make strawberry prep super easy for sauces, jams and desserts. De-stems tomatoes with the identical quick-action grip. Finger-grip handle provides firm control. Fun strawberry design is easy to spot in a drawer. Stainless-steel claw. Plastic handle. 

  • Remove stems without carving out by hand.
  • Prep fruit salads faster than ever before.
  • Perfect for hulling strawberries for babies and toddlers to eat.
  • Push the top button to open the claw, insert, twist and pull.
  • Strawberry prep has never been so easy for creating sauces, jams and desserts.
  • Stainless-steel claw stays sharp; will not rust.
  • Durable plastic handles for long-lasting use.

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