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Tri-Twist Carrot & Zuchini Spiral Slicer




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Tri-Twist Carrot & Zuchini Spiral Slicer.Grab yourself one of these. It will change the way you look, and treat veggies for the rest of your life!

The Tri-Twist Spiral Slicer asily transforms fruits and hard vegetables like carrots, beets, and cucumbers into wonderful appetising blossoms.

  • This endless Tri-Twist Julienne Spiral Cutter, cuts vegetable spaghetti quickly & easily.
  • Perfect for cucumber, carrots, radish and other firm vegetables.
  • Premium quality tempered stainless steel blade for precision slicing.
  • Master chef quality design for amazing garnishing and stylising dishes.
  • Extremely safe and easy to use with blades covered - no need for daring knife activities.
  • Super easy to clean, Top-rack dishwasher safe.

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