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Windproof Double-Layered Hands Free Inverted Reverse Folding Upside-Down Umbrella




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Keep dry, keep your car dry, and keep others dry with this genius compact inverted reverse folding umbrella. It's smart, stylish, and something everyone will have very soon! The inverted reverse folding umbrella is the only style of umbrella where the frame opens in reverse.

It’s upside-down design ensures all the rain water remains inside the umbrella when it is closed, and the outside stays completely dry! How cool is that???

So it’s super handy when getting in and out of cars, and going to office meetings or coming home. So you can now get out of the rain - without soaking the place with your folded up umbrella.

Made from double-layered water repellent pongee fabrics The smart new design allows you close the umbrella without worrying about wetting the seats of cars, or floors of your home or office Stylish, durable, lightweight and compact easy to store design.

  • Effectively stops rain dripping all over the indoors.
  • Includes a “Hands-free-Handle” that’s a C-shaped grip so you can use both hands and still hold on to your bag, coffee and mobile phone.
  • It' stand’s up on it’s own. That’s right! The perfect design to make it stand up totally on its own when closed, but not held tight by the velcro close strap, saving much space.
  • Compact design with large size canopy of 105 cm diameter. Making sure you’re always protected.

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